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Modern House

WhiteStar Property Management provides full-service and lease only residential property management and leasing services for owners and investors of all residential property types. We assist with advertising, marketing, applicant screening, disclosures, rent collection, vendor and resident management, maintenance issues and more. Our clients choose us because we are consistent and fair in delivering quality management services with outstanding results! We have 3 packages to choose from depending on the level of service you require.

*The Enhanced package below is our most popular program. With this package properties are rented within an average of 18-30 days!

Whether you are a first time landlord or an experience property owner, we know the stress and frustration that comes with managing your rental property. We've got it handled.


Choose one of our management packages below

Modern House


Fee (% of rent) 8.9%

Services Provided:

  • Rental Comps & Marketing      Analysis

  • Rent Collection

  • Advertising (Basic)

  • Property Tours (7 days a week)

  • Maintenance Services available

  • 10 Point Tenant Screening        Verification

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

  • Annual Operating Report

  • Monthly Bill Pay & Detail          Expenses

Modern Home Exterior


Fee (% of rent) 9.9%

Services Provided:

  • Rental Comps & Marketing       Analysis

  • Rent Collection

  • Property Tours (7 days a week)

  • Maintenance Services available

  • 10 Point Tenant Screening        Verification

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

  • Annual Operating Report

  • Monthly Bill Pay

  • Tenant Replacement Guarantee

  • Eviction Support Guarantee

Large Modern House with Pool


Fee (% of rent)  14.9%

Services Provided:

  • Marketing, Advertising, Tours & Open Houses

  • Tenant Screening

  • Lease & Disclosure Preparation

  • Rent Collection

  • Maintenance Coordination

  • 24/ 7 Emergency Services

  • Online Owner Statement

  • Check in/ out services

  • Inspections during vacancy periods

  • Cleaning Coordination

  • Additional Charge


Our tenants stay in our homes on average approximately 32 months, that's almost 3 years! Unforeseen circumstances do arise occasionally and if the tenant we place vacates in the first 12 months, we will replace them for FREE! You won't have the expense of finding a new tenant. 


Being a landlord doesn't have to be stressful, we want to give you PEACE OF MIND when it comes to evictions. Our track records speaks for itself, but if that's not enough, we will pay legal fees and court costs if an uncontested eviction is necessary ($900). Rest assured, we take all steps necessary to avoid this unpleasant process, but if it's necessary, we will pay the attorney fees.

New Management


We only place the most qualified tenants in your property. We pride ourselves with our extensive and extremely thorough resident screening process which allows us to secure well-qualified, long-term residents. Our properties enjoy greater stability, much lower turnover and longer lease terms than most of our competition. As a management company, we have many procedures to eliminate problem residents prior to ever renting to them. Placing the right tenant is the single most important step in the process!

  • We pull a national credit report on each applicant 18 years of age or older.

  • We run a nation-wide criminal, credit and background check on each adult applicant

  • We verify no applicants have any previous evictions or owe money to a landlord or prior mgmt company

  • We verify each applicant’s employment, photo id, pay stubs, social security card and rental references.

  • Once we have an approved resident, we require all residents to have RENTERS INSURANCE, minimum of $20,000 personal property and $100,000 in liability)


Our latest technology allows us to accept online tenant rent payments for faster processing and quick turn around times. On the owner side, we electronically transfer monthly owner contributions directly into your bank account so they arrive as scheduled every month. No guess work, quick, simple and safe! Paper checks are a thing of the past!


Our up to the minute and global marketing system advertises your property on numerous websites across the country. This equates to shorter vacancy periods and secures tenants quickly, we rent our properties in LESS THAN 30 DAYS! That's right, on average we rent our properties in 18 days! We realize TIME IS MONEY! We utilize the latest digital tools, websites and online advertising techniques to showcase your property to prospective tenants. In addition, we provide them with the ability to view your property anytime, from just about any location via mobile devices and web based applications. Our "Enhanced" Full Service Management option is our most popular program. It includes a video tour of your property and showcasing your property on our website and many other sites including but not limited to Craigslist, Google, Hotpads, Trulia, Zillow, HomeRentals, Places4Rent and USAHomeRentals. Our latest technology enables us to reach out to a wide global market of prospective tenants.


  • Preliminary property/home inspection (minimum requirements set forth by the California Apartment Association

  • Provide assistance to enhance your properties appeal for quick rental

  • Advertising on a multitude of online rental websites

  • Showings 7 day a week by appointment to prospective tenants (We are open for tours on the weekends)

  • Contract Negotiations and Preparation of Rental Agreement Execution and Enforcement

  • Rent and Security Deposit Collection

  • Maintenance & Rent Ready Repairs

  • Financial Record-Keeping & Bill Payment

  • Service of Legal Notices

  • Professional For Lease Signage

  • Comprehensive tenant screening - (credit check, criminal/eviction and background)

  • Vendor Management – coordinate and manage repairs

  • Community Rules and Regulation Enforcement

  • Landlord/Tenant Interaction

  • Routine property Inspection as necessary or by request

  • Legal Updates

  • Monthly Owner's Financials and Online Rent Disbursement

  • 24 Hour Emergency Services

  • Annual operating report with rents & expenses

  • Move-In and Move-Out Inspections


We offer a LEASE ONLY services for property owners who want to manage their own property, but need assistance securing a well qualified tenant. WhiteStar Property Management provides you a hassle free and easy way to lease your residential investment property through our lease only service! We will provide you with the following services:

  • Property Inspection and tips on marketing your home

  • Discuss methods to enhance your properties appeal for quick rental

  • Set an agreed upon fair market price for rent to attract customers

  • Prepare marketing campaign (Place your property on various online services and our website)

  • Place our professional “FOR LEASE” sign in yard, window, garage or appropriate location

  • Conduct open houses and show property to prospective tenants

  • Screen and qualify prospective tenants (Credit, Criminal & Background)

  • Confer with you on prospective tenant's application for your approval

  • Prepare lease documents, disclosures and addendum's

  • Collect deposits and move in monies

  • You will receive a copy of the signed Lease Agreement and addendum's along with an owners financial statement. A check for the balance in your Trust account is delivered to you minus our leasing fee.


Our personal service is what sets us apart from others – we pride ourselves in CUSTOMER satisfaction. We are committed to long term relationships; we listen to what is important to you then deliver those services to meet your needs. We work in partnership with you to provide a customized management plan tailored to fit your unique situation.

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