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HOA Management Services - WhiteStar Management

Need a bid for your community? Are you looking for a professional, trustworthy, service-oriented property management company for your homeowners association? Look no further! WhiteStar Management is rated #1 in customer satisfaction! The key to our success is quite simple - it's all about proper COMMUNICATION and expectation setting. 

We provide legendary CUSTOMER SERVICE by listening and communicating with our associations - this gives us the opportunity to meet deadlines, allocate resources, budget properly and solve the problems that many homeowners associations face today.

We are EQUIPPED to customize our management packages to fit any community and their unique characteristics. We are not a franchise or nationwide company by design, we won't sacrifice quality for quantity. We are not so large that we lose sight of what's important to our clients, you won't get lost in the shuffle. No community is too big or too small! We take pride in our highly educated professional team and the personal service that we offer our associations. This is what sets us apart from others – we pride ourselves in CUSTOMER satisfaction!

When we provide your association with a management proposal; it will outline all of our services, there are NO hidden fees, we don't charge for phone calls and faxes! What you see is what you get!

Community Management - WhiteStar Management


  • Financial Services - Collection of community dues, payment of bills, financial statements, and bank reconciliation for your Board of Directors

  • Administrative Services- Preparation of monthly board packages, process escrow demand letters for property transfers, prepare and process client correspondence, and draft policy enforcement letters to homeowners

  • Fiscal Review - Annual budget assessments, reserve study, delinquent assessments, board meeting minutes, and notice of meetings

  • Budget Preparation - We help your board prepare the annual budget at least 45 days prior to the commencement of the Association's fiscal year.

  • Annual Review - Distribute your Association's annual report consisting of balance sheet and income statement.

  • Reserve Study- We help to ensure your community is compliant with the 3 year code requirement and ensure that reserve allocations are adequate.

  • Vendor Management - Review existing maintenance contracts, recommend improvements where necessary, secure multiple bids and prepare for Board's review and approval.

  • Site Inspections - Routine walk through of property to discover maintenance issues or problems and prompt resolution.


We are committed to long term relationships; we listen to what is important to you and tailor our services to meet your communities individual needs. We work in PARTNERSHIP with you to tailor a management plan designed to fit your unique situation. Our homeowners associations always have the assurance that WhiteStar Management will work in conjuction with you to provide the highest level of service and will add value every step of the way!


WhiteStar Management employs only managers who are experienced and certified through CAI or who are in the process of obtaining Certification through CAI. We provide continuous training and support for all our professional managers by encouraging their growth, both professionally and personally. The key to our success is ensuring our managers are knowledgeable in all areas of community management and are confident in their abilities to effect positive results in the communities they manage.


We provide our communities with 24/7/365 emergency answering service which directs emergency/after hour calls to our on call staff who provide prompt service and work for a resolution.


We have multiple avenues of communication from direct communication with the manager to community wide email broadcasts and interactive community websites. Homeowners may access, via the website, multiple documents and notices as well as their account balances, work orders, and CC&R violations. Board members have direct access to the “board only” section of the website for timely reporting, compliance and rapid communication. As always, the board members have direct communication access to the community manager via phone and email.


When you sign up with WhiteStar Management, you not only get one manager, but you get our ENTIRE management team! The board has direct access to their community manager but also access to the management team that stands behind each of their managers. That team is comprised of our financial/accounting managers, administrative assistants, and our top executive team! Teamwork is one of the core values our company is based upon - this translates to an unwavering, unparalleled level of service and support to the manager, their associations and the board of directors.



Thank You!

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