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WhiteStar Management is dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations - Our primary goal is to protect, preserve and enhance our owner's financial investment. We believe in a partnership, built on professionalism and outstanding customer service that will give us an opportunity to earn and keep your business for life! Our philosophy is quite simple we work for you, not the other way around! We utilize the top software in the industry to advertise, track, market and provide you with up to date information on your investment. Here are a few examples:


All our owners have instant access to their financial statements and owner information with just a few simple keystrokes! Our software “Appfolio” is the latest and most comprehensive web-based application designed to manage the financial health of your property. Through Appfolio, we provide monthly reports detailing all income and expenses on your property and a concise easy to read year end statement that has been praised by our client’s and their financial advisors. Our owners can view and print prior financials and even keep track of their prospects on their vacant units.


Our latest technology allows us to accept online tenant rent payments for faster processing and quick turn around times. On the owner side, we electronically transfer monthly owner contributions directly into your bank account so they arrive as scheduled every month. No guess work, quick, simple and safe! Paper checks are a thing of the past!

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