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Read through the information below before you make a repair request.


Toilet Issues

If your toilet isn't flushing properly, there is likely a clog in the line. You can clear the clog by using a plunger to pump it through the pipe. Press the plunger over the drain opening and pump vigorously. 

Lift the plunger from time to time to see if the water drains. Be careful not to flush the toilet multiple times, as this could cause the water to overflow the basin.

Bathtub and Sink Drains

If the drain in your bathtub or sink clogs, you may be able to use a plunger in the same way you would on a toilet. If you're unable to move the clog this way, you likely need the help of a plumber.

Power Outages

If you don't have power in your rental home, you'll want to call your utility company first. There may be a simple explanation for the outage, such as nearby construction or bad weather.

Did you check the circuit breaker?

If you overload the electrical circuit in your home, you may trip the circuit breaker. This cuts off electrical access to protect your home from damage.

Locate your breaker and check that the lever is pointed to the ON position; if it's pointed OFF, move the lever to the correct position to restore access.

Electrical Work

No Hot Water?

If you don't have hot water in your property, check the settings on your water heater. Some heaters have vacation modes that limit the amount of water available at any given time.

If you make any changes to the settings on your tank, please wait 15 to 20 minutes before testing the temperature to see if the changes have taken effect.

Please note: You may incur extra charges for any maintenance visits on weekends or after hours.


New Resident?

If you're new to WhiteStar Property Management, please call us for help accessing your account:
(760) 773-0123 x 603

Current Resident?

To request maintenance assistance, click below and sign into the portal. 

Leak Repairs
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