SUMMER HEAT IS HERE! Where are all the misters?!?

Okay, yes it is a personal favorite of mine. Sipping a cool drink with a view AND misters is the ultimate here in the desert. But when you finally return home to the comfort of your own AC, there are some very important tips to remember.

  • Check and change your filter(s) regularly! In the dusty Coachella Valley, you are better served changing it every 3 months, which is what most filters are rated for. Be careful with 'air-purifying' or HEPA filters, as they can dramatically reduce airflow in your system. Like an oil change for your car, this is important for the life of your air conditioner.

"Running your cooling workhorse with a clogged indoor coil, a 'stuffed to the gills with dirt' blower wheel, or a hairy filter is like trying to jog the bump and grind with your head wrapped in a beach towel!!" (Plaigerized from Dan Only HVAC)

  • Shutting too many interior doors causes central AC systems to go out of balance, meaning there is less air flow in the entire house. If you want privacy or to avoid cooling certain rooms, keep a door slightly ajar instead.

Stay tuned for more AC tips as the mercury continues to rise!