TWAS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! In the mind of a property manager... (This post is based on actual events)


AS Property Manager's PATIENCE is our middle name! We are known to have a phone in each ear, 5 sets of hands, and 2 computer monitors running with 10 different windows open (on average). Wikipedia's definition, in short, is..."Operation, Control, and Oversight of Real Estate". Often times we do not feel in Control, but are seen as hero's at times of a leaking faucet or overflowing toilet, lock out, no heat (or in our summer climate, GOD forbid, no AC!!).

We come to this profession as individuals that thrive on the teamwork it takes to "Make the Dream Work" :) ! We find comfort in the success of helping you fix it over the phone; like realizing you have a GFI in the garage that, once reset, will restore your outside Christmas lights AND your hot water all at the same time!! Or how to use a plunger, what NOT to put down your garbage disposal, and the list goes on. It makes our NOT have to call a warranty company!

At any given moment we will have a 4,000 square foot home and a 1x1 (1 bedroom, 1 bath) home barely the size of a garage, but each and every one of our owners and tenants will receive the same attention to detail, quality of service, and WhiteStar team that we have to offer.

So even though statistics show that Multi-tasking reduces productivity by as much as 40% (SAY IT ISN'T SO!!), we will forge ahead on all of your behalf's in hopes that we will forever, once in a while at least, be your hero's!!